Erin Trager-Kusman

Constantly chasing an endless summer, you can find Erin wherever the sun is. The must have items in her carry-on (and it's always a carry-on) are a bathing suit, running shoes, and extra room for the inevitable impulse buys. She believes running is the best way to explore a new destination and prefers to spend the rest of her time uncovering the culinary secrets and natural beauty of any locale. But you'll most likely find her on the beach sipping champagne. Erin always has her passport in her purse, ready for her next escape.


Kelly Smith

The best way to learn is to experience it first hand - this is how Kelly fulfills her natural curiosity about the world. Kelly is always up for a spontaneous trip, but has trouble choosing between fast-paced adventure and leisure. Her perfect trip combines the two. She enjoys eating and drinking her way through each destination (always ordering the chef's recommendations) and never thinks twice about exploring unknown corners no matter her location. Kelly does not believe in going to the same place twice, and that sense of wonder has led to many great adventures. Her goal is to visit every continent in the next five years.